Sometimes a three-way is the best solution

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Agencies are there to help you deliver amazing results. As long as they all get along.

If you’ve worked with multiple agencies on a project, we’d like to think it was a fairly seamless experience for everyone involved. See, when it works, it’s great. But when it doesn’t, it can cause headaches for the client as they end up spending time managing the relationship and workflow between agencies rather than focusing on their day job.

Paradigm Creative is a comms agency with video at the heart of what we do. Our strengths lie in making impactful video and developing kick-ass comms strategies. But when it comes to things like delivering top quality brand design and running large scale events, we know there’s other people that have more experience. Fortunately for us, we’re good pals with a couple of agencies – Spiral and Simply Better – who have a proven track record in those areas.

We realised that working closely together made sense as we’re able to offer a three-way collective (and transparent) end-to-end solution for our broad range of clients. Whether you need to engage colleagues in business strategy, communicate change, evolve your culture, refresh your people proposition or audit your internal communication infrastructure, we can help.

It also means the client doesn’t need to worry about all that time consuming stuff in the background, chasing up brand guidelines or figuring out which video format is needed for an event. It’s all done directly between agencies, without any client involvement.

Removing the hassle. Keeping things simple.

More often than not, this is what a client values more than anything else.

Want to know more? Read our co-creds brochure here.


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