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O2 Surprise & Delight

Showing the difference going the extra mile makes


When eight-year-old Maisie ran out of data one day, she texted O2 asking if she could have some more. Her mum saw the text on her phone, and posted a screenshot to O2’s Facebook page, asking if they could send her little girl a letter saying she could have more data if she did some jobs around the house. O2 went one step further and wanted a video to help them share the amazing story.



What we did


We scheduled research time with Masie’s Mum so we could really understand the story.  We visited Maisie and her mum at their home, so they could tell the story in their words in their own surroundings. We shot everything on digital cinema cameras with large soft lighting to achieve a high production value, bringing the story to life with warmth and personality.


We cut the story to an uplifting music track, creating both a super-wide version so it could be shown at O2’s senior leadership team event and a 16:9 version so it could be used on their internal comms channels, including their intranet. This helped share the moment wider with an aim to inspire colleagues to do more for their customers.