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Statement videos for a brand going somewhere​


New-to-market luxury stroller brand, JUNIORJONES, came to us to help them create a suite of marketing films to launch their new range. 

This top-secret project meant the branding was still being developed and the product wasn’t in the country.  

We had to come up with creative routes which could be flexed to work with whatever look and feel was to come.



What we did


Using the clients consumer research, we came up with a number of concepts we thought would work for their target audience of affluent parents-to-be. We cast a number of both male and female models, shooting them in urban environments and in our studio, our editors cut together the footage with bold text statements, expert motion graphics and a spot-on sound mix to deliver the films to a TV commercial standard.

"The team produced some absolutely exceptional films which captured the JUNIORJONES brand perfectly. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the material delivered by Paradigm."


This series of four quick-paced, ultra on-brand lifestyle films, introduced JUNIORJONES to Europe. Each was uniquely themed to tell a different story about an individual product but with a joined-up overall look and feel so they felt like a clear set.

These were shown at their VIP launch event, delivered by our events partner Simply Better. We filmed the event itself, creating a pacey PR highlights video.