We like working with iCandy because of how deeply the people within the company care about what it does. What does it do? It creates incredible pushchairs by combining an amazing level of quality with world-class engineering. The result is an ever-expanding range of innovative and stylish designs.

iCandy asked us to create a series of product demonstration videos. The idea was to show all the combinations and features of the different pushchairs.

We worked with them over a number of different products to maintain consistency in style and quality across the range.

As well as producing the product demonstration videos that feature in both point of sale displays at iCandy stockists, we mastered instruction DVDs to be distributed with their products. We also worked with the team to create social media content that gave a different perspective on this innovative and fun-loving company.

In addition to all of this, we did everything we could to make the studio experience for the iCancy team easy and fun.