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Hexagon OnCall

High drama draws in live audience to sell OnCall concept​


Hexagon were launching a new suite of products to a live industry audience of 3,000 in Las Vegas. They needed an opening film for their CEO’s keynote speech which could double-up as a trailer for social media, outlining how OnCall can help in a world where everyone and everything is ‘always on’.

The screen for the event was ultra-wide and 20 metres across.

Hexagon’s OnCall is a suite of products, that when brought together provide an agile end-to-end solution with a modern UX, combining data from different sources to equip those working in public safety with the ability to collaborate and work seamlessly with each other.

They needed a film which didn’t explain the solution but sold the concept, hinging on the strapline ‘it all happens so fast’, in reference to both the speed an incident can occur as well as the speed those working in public safety need to be able to respond, assess and collaborate to ensure a positive outcome.



What we did


With only five weeks before the events, we had to respond quickly. We proposed three routes with two commonalities – they each had a cinematic feel and strong singular narrative.

As it was a captive audience who would be the first to view it at the event, the optimum length was going to be 90-seconds, so we knew we needed a storyline which would pack a punch and a gripping emotional hook. 

The story we chose to tell was the immediate aftermath of a car accident involving a mother and her child. We hear the accident but don’t see it – instead the audio tells that story and the visuals show the response of the heroic emergency services, supported by a dispatcher using

"Paradigm are personal, professional, flexible, and with the ability to translate needs into a really positive end result."
Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure


Despite it looking like a scene straight out of the States, everything was in fact shot in just 2 days at an air base on the outskirts of Liverpool and our studio in Huddersfield. From the props to the actors, we made sure it was all-American, checking every element with the client so no one would be able to spot it was shot in the UK.

As well as shooting everything in 4K for the super-wide 3483 x 1080 event screens, we also made sure it could be repurposed after for a more standard size as well as for various social media channels. We also provided a photographer to capture stills from the shoot for the wider campaign and event collateral.