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Gainsight Pulse

Full coverage of globe’s biggest Customer Success event


Gainsight’s Pulse was a two-day event held at the huge Olympia in London for 1,000 delegates. Pulse is badged as the biggest Customer Success learning and networking conference in the world, and the software firm asked for our help to capture it. 

The sheer scale of the event was going to be one of our toughest tests yet – making sure everything ran seamlessly and edits were turned around fast.



What we did


We took a multi-team approach to make sure we could cover all angles of the event. We had a roving team taking vox pops for a highlights film, and another doing backstage presenter interviews. There was a third film crew providing full camera coverage of all the main stage plenary sessions, and two photographers.


Capturing hours of footage, we were able to provide Gainsight with presenter interviews and the individual plenary sessions for their online platform in the week following the event. On top of that, we made two highlight films, one shot on the first day and shown on the morning of the second day, and then added fresh content from Day 2 to create a final, longer version. One of our photographers offered free headshots to guests, perfect for their LinkedIn profile.