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How very remiss of us – with all the excitement we’ve barely had time to put finger to key and tell our own story.
Any road without further ado – here’s out latest Paradigm newsletter – our snapshot of some of the interesting gigs we’ve worked on, Para-news, and other rather marvellous schtuff that’s impressed us.

Interesting Gigs

BUPA brought us in to help them launch their new employee strategy.

They wanted to present physically to 150 people in their Salford UK head office, and to a further 3000 people watching globally online.

Take a look to see how we conceived, designed and brought this hybrid broadcast to life. “Imagine this…sitting at my desk in the comfort of my home and 160 miles away from Bupa Place, I felt more connected to our business than ever before!”

It was great to give back, be part of and support the Onwards Festival – an annual Huddersfield town centre music and art festival.

A ‘music crawl’ if you will, celebrating the bands and taking in the venues that have made Huddersfield a great place to see live music.

Our crew produced a film to promote the event and then we filmed one song from each performer at each venue .We also edited on site on the day so that the films were available – straight after the gig.

We have been working with Omi Bell for a couple of years editing the Black Girl Ventures series of shows.

Omi is now presenting her own show that will through candid conversation “dig deep into the drivers, challenges and authentic journeys of black and brown entrepreneurs”.

We’re really excited about working with Omi and her team to produce and edit the show. So in TV parlance…Stay tuned…to be continued…

New Shipmates Welcome to our Producer Ryan H, Connie our Production Assistant, Streaming Producer Stephen, Streaming Producer Ari, our Editor Becky, Ryan O the Editor, Alan our Graphic Designer and Jenny who’s making us more ‘us’ as our People and Culture Manager.

See you soon

We’ll be back soon with more interesting titbits but if you’re missing us in the meantime, we’re sharing updates on our LinkedIn

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