Introducing Ed!

March 30th, 2017 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Our bright and enthusiastic new intern, in his own words…

My name’s Ed Midgley and I’ve just started working part time at Paradigm as a production assistant.  I’m currently in my last year of college, doing a diploma in film and media. I enjoy it and really like being creative but I have this undeniable itch to get out into the real world and start to work with professionals, one of the main things I’m getting from working with Paradigm; Experience!

I think there’s only so much you can learn from a book but I can rest easy knowing that while I work at Paradigm with other creative minds, I will be learning more and more about the working world and having lots of fun while doing so!

I’ve written and directed a series of award winning short films, currently doing the rounds at film festivals all around the world. Take a look at the video below:

It’s not Hollywood just yet, but it’s a start. The first rung of a long, shaky ladder rife with hard work and exhaustion… And I can’t wait.

I was inspired by watching films as a kid like the Back to The Future trilogy and as I got older, the David Fincher crime films or the Tarantino masterpieces. And there are so many things to learn from them and apply to the corporate world, I’ve found something I really enjoy doing and get a real kick out of seeing a project come together.

I hope to be a valuable addition to the Paradigm team, all being well, I’ll make life slightly easier for my co-workers and learn a lot while doing so!

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