We’re all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus.

In a climate of uncertainty communication is vital. But how do you continue to tell your story via video when social interaction is restricted…  

Here at Paradigm we’re constantly adapting to the changes the world throws at us and this is no exception. Communication challenges are our jam, and we’re here to help you continue to tell your story and communicate your messages to your people and your customers, no matter what.

Telling your story and sharing your messages via video production is much more than standing in front of a professional film crew (though, we excel at this too!) it’s using creativity and any and all assets to bring your messaging to life.

Here are 4 ways we can solve your communication challenges during this time of unprecedented disruption.

1. Animation/Motion Graphics

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all engaged with it and there is no reason you can’t utilise it for yourself. Here at Paradigm our motion graphic artists and animators can bring your messaging to life utilising a myriad of motion graphics and animations techniques. We can even take a voice recording you send to us and really bring it to life.

2. Self Shot Footage

Everyone has a smart phone in their pocket. This means that everyone has the potential to shoot any content they need. Besides, why should we have all the fun? although the thought of shooting your own content might seem daunting at first we can remotely coach and help you through the process. Furthermore we can edit your footage into a lovely story you’ll be proud to share. 

View our Self Shooting Guide on Youtube for more information on how to get the best out of your phone.

3. Existing Collateral

Here at Paradigm we are more than happy to take any existing materials you have. Self shot footage, images, posters, anything you have and turn it into a cracking piece of communication. This is a very effective way of re-purposing material you likely have lying around to tell your story. 

4. Stock Footage

If none of the above methods are lighting your candle then there are many things we can do simply using stock footage. There are countless stock footage libraries to choose from so we’re certain we’ll be able to source the perfect footage for your message. 

Any and all of the above methods of creating a film to tell your story can be augmented with motion graphic elements to really make your story pop. So let’s band together, collaborate and continue to share wonderful stories with each other.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together…

To see examples of videos that have used some of these techniques click here.

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