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Open for business

We’re open for business…

As we all know, with the COVID19 pandemic there’s a lot of uncertainty around the world and this has an effect on all of us, both professionally
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Don’t be silenced by Coronavirus

We’re all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus. In a climate of uncertainty communication is vital. But how do you continue to tell your story via video
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Get the most from your video

How to get the most from your video content

Video is massive. In fact, it’s massively massive. No. It’s massively, massively massive. It’s biggest platform, YouTube, has over 1.3 billion users, who upload 300 hours of
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Flying a drone is remarkably easy. You’ve got two thumb sticks, one camera and a handy little monitor to see where you’re going.  Flying a drone safely
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Shooting video on smartphone

Shooting great video on your smartphone

You have a message you need to share – quickly. The answer of how you’re going to do it might already be in your pocket.  Your smartphone
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Shooting films with James Fuller

Making movies with James Fuller

What’s it like to direct a feature film? As well as creating top-class video, motion graphics and animation for our lovely clients, James Fuller is also an
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