The Storymakers

Great stories don’t just happen. They’re crafted.

So, before we even think about a script, write a treatment or pick up a camera, we develop a creative strategy that focuses on the people you want to reach as much as it does on the story you want to tell – in other words, we work out the best way to deliver your content. That way we turn your story into a powerful communication tool that resonates with your entire audience.

It’s a method that works well for our clients, ranging from small organisations to multi-national companies, and we think it will for you too.




Telling great stories

Step 1

Storytelling ensures that your project contains all the elements it needs to achieve its objectives. It also guarantees that you are never in the dark about where the project is going, and are free to collaborate and feedback at all times.

Explore the Storytelling process to learn more about how we work.



The Plot

Step 2

We start by establishing the brief. This isn’t about just listening to what you want to accomplish. We take the time to get to know you, your organisation and the scope of the project objectives. It’s also about understanding what will motivate the audience to pay attention to, and remember, your core message; how you can get the most value from your content, and how best to distribute it.

  • –  Aims and objectives
  • –  Understanding the audience
  • –  The core message
  • –  Platform planning

The Storyline

Step 3

Next up is creative development. This is where the initial idea generation happens. We explore concepts, write scripts, draw storyboards and invent new ways of communicating ideas through different channels and mediums. Then we discuss these with you, interrogate and hone them until we are all happy with the direction of travel.

  • –  Creative treatments
  • –  Client presentation
  • –  Creative consolidation
  • –  Scriptwriting
  • –  Storyboarding

Cast and Characters

Step 4

Now the most important part of the process begins: pre-production. It’s about ensuring that the production itself happens as efficiently and as effectively as humanly possible. Powerful communications rely on this stage more than any other. From casting to logistics, every detail has to be just right.

  • –  Production planning
  • –  Location finding
  • –  Casting
  • –  Propping
  • –  Logistics

Setting the Scene

Step 5

It’s odd, but many people think that this is where our work starts, as if everything else prior to it happens by magic. But you know better. Anyway, this is where we do the actual filming, animating, streaming, event or whatever it may be, using our experience to ensure that the plot is followed and the storyline articulated as planned.

  • –  Filming
  • –  Client rushes
  • –  Rough-cuts

Telling the Tale

Step 6

Then it’s time to hit the editing suite to craft and fine-tune the final communication until it tells your story clearly enough to engage the audience and add value to your organisation. Editing is an art in itself and years of experience is used at this stage of the process.

  • –  First cut
  • –  Client feedback
  • –  Final cut
  • –  Mastering

Spread the Word

Step 7

Of course, having a well-told story in your hands is one thing; putting it in front of the audience in a way that will ensure that you get the very best value from it is another. So, we now optimise the distribution of your communication, making sure that it gets to where it needs to be in a way that it provides the return on investment you need. Then, to make sure that everything we’ve learned from the whole experience doesn’t go to waste, we feed it right back into your next project.

  • –  Platform formatting
  • –  Asset creation
  • –  Asset management
  • –  Storage / Archive
  • –  Report on outcomes
  • –  Inform future projects


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