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LNER Platform 365

Getting LNER colleagues onboard with Platform 365


Following their creation, LNER were introducing new systems, reskinning old ones and giving every colleague an iPhone XR to help them deliver their role and great customer service straight from the palm of their hand.

They needed help upskilling their workforce on how to use each of the applications along with helping them understand a brand new phone.


London North Eastern Railway

What we did


LNER only had lengthy documents explaining how to use each of the apps – in some cases up to 20-pages of content. Our scriptwriter collated all the content and distilled it down into a series of succinct scripts which wouldn’t switch off the viewer, and our producers set to work finding the perfect presenter and capturing the experience of each application.


We delivered a suite of 14 short training films, ranging from 60-seconds to four minutes, which combined an actress delivering a scripted piece to camera from our in-house studio, overlayed with on-brand motion graphics and 3D animation to walk viewers through how to use the apps.

On top of this we produced an overview animation to introduce the series, along with a launch video which let colleagues know where they could pick up a new iPhone and get help with set-up.