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Setting poetry in motion for industrial service provider


The northern territory of the world’s biggest provider of industrial services, Altrad, approached us to create a video to be shown to other divisions from around the world at a Christmas Eve event in New York City.

It needed to stand out against a whole host of other countries’ films and share their vision for a sustainable future, while celebrating their history.



What we did


We started by creating a moodboard of black and white, old fashioned images of industry, and new, green images of imagined cities of the future. This sparked the idea of creating a powerful poem set to a rousing music track. We wrote the script and got voiceover artist Maggie Mash in to do the readthrough, knowing her slightly raspy, northern tones would work perfectly.


Black and white moody stock footage from bygone years opened the film, as the music slowly started to build. As the focus of the poem moved to looking towards the future, the imagery changed to colour and the paced quickened. We added in hero-shots of real Altrad colleagues, shot in our studio on green screen.