You have a message you need to share – quickly. The answer to how you’re going to do it might already be in your pocket. 

Your smartphone is most likely a pretty powerful thing (especially if you’re one of the lucky people to have bagged an iPhone 12 this week). And with a little bit of knowledge you can get some amazing results from them. We’ve put together this short video with a few hints and tips to help you get the most from it.

And we thought we’d better practice what we preach, so we shot this whole thing on a smartphone.

All the ideas, no gear?

If you need some help with what tripods and microphones to go for, below are our top buys for smartphone video greatness:

1) Need a tripod? The small and portable Gorilla Pod we used in the video will hold your phone and the flexible legs mean you can stand it on surfaces or attach it to furniture.

2) If you’ve already got a tripod handy, either for photography or video, then getting a mount to hold your smartphone will be enough. Try this little guy.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 – Image credit:

3) Want your camera to be set to head height? Choose something like this full-size tripod complete with a phone mount. Any cheap tripod with a phone mount should do the trick, unless you want to mount a bigger camera on it.

4) This tie clip microphone is specifically designed to work with smartphones.

5) If you want to get the reporter look going, then a handheld mic designed for iPhones like this one will certainly do the trick.

6) Want to shoot video on the move? Then investing in a phone stabiliser from DJI or FeiyuTech is the way to go.

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